Christmas Markets in Cologne

Christmas Markets Cologne
Christmas Markets Cologne

Just spent a very enjoyable few days in Cologne – a city I’ve spent a summer in way back in the day and have very fond memories of – but never managed to get there in the lead up to Christmas when the City is transformed into a Christmas Market wonderland.

In the three or four weeks in the run up to Christmas Cologne gets over 2 million visitors piling in do basically 3 things:

  1. Drink as much gluwein and hot chocolate with rum as possible
  2. Eat as much wurst, kebabs (ok that’s just me) and bbq’s meat as possible
  3. Haggle with the Market traders on all matter of Christmas trinkets

It would seem that most of the 2 million or so chose last weekend to make the trip to Cologne along with ourselves – the place was jam packed.

I would definitely recommend a trip there if you are contemplating it either this year or next.

Just take it easy on the gluwein.

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