Action scheduler on high volume WooCommerce stores

If you’re operating a WooCommerce store at scale, you’ll want to check this plugin out. While the Action Scheduler is great, it’s not without it’s quirks – and on some busy stores doing an order a minute with tons of webhooks, I’ve been 900-1000 pending actions piling up. The high volume plugin helps to unclog such bottlenecks. (Warning, make sure you’ve plenty of server firepower to take advantage of this plugin).

A lot can happen in 26.2 miles

Found this little gem on

Irish Times

23 October 2010


ATHLETICS: The National marathon has been incorporated into the Dublin marathon for the last few years. ANNETTE KEALY , National champion from last year, and who won the title in 2003 and was second in 2008, takes this year’s competitors through the course and the strategies that can help lead to success

Tread softly, because you

tread on my dreams

– WB Yeats

I CAN’T be there this year. The body said no, and that was that.

I still have the dream. The dream of running another Dublin marathon, the dream of running another Dublin marathon exactly right, the dream of running a personal best, the dream of breaking 2.40.

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Dublin Marathon 2010 – Nearly there

Well it would now seem that the only time I even half regularly update this blog is around the time of the Dublin Marathon.

Inspiration Wall

So it’s a second time around the merry-go-round that is the Dublin Marathon for me. Training this year has not been as consistent as last year. Add in a knock here and there and a niggling chesty cough and the confidence is not what it should be for marathon number 2

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iPhone 4 reception fail

The new iPhone 4 hit the masses in the US and UK today and the reports are flooding in of major problems with the reception on the phone when you…erm….hold it.

Yes that’s right sports fans, the much vaunted antenna-built-into-the-actual-handset-casing doesn’t actually work properly – particularly if you are a lefty (which I am).

Seriously Apple, is the problem here that you don’t employ lefty testers? Is it that simple? I find it very hard to believe how the world’s most valuable tech company can allow such a major fuck up to be unleashed upon the masses for it’s biggest launch of the year.

I smell a Toyota style recall in the works…

Here’s a video showing the problem